Why Raptor

Shimmering red sands, the rush of wind, and an adrenaline-fueled ride through the heart of the Arabian Desert. That’s the Raptor Tourism experience. Founded by Fawaz Abdul Khader, a true desert aficionado and UAE tourism expert since the early 2000s, we’re all about turning your desert dreams into unforgettable realities.

Your Chariot Awaits:

Trade in city streets for rolling dunes in our fleet of top-notch Land Cruisers. These aren’t your average desert rides – think comfort, power, and the perfect way to conquer the sand in style.

Meet the Dune Wranglers:

Our drivers aren’t just behind the wheel; they’re experts in reading the desert’s every curve. Trained by Fawaz himself, they’ll expertly navigate the dunes, ensuring both thrilling moments and those breathtaking “pinch me” views.


Your Adventure, Your Way:

Whether you want heart-pounding dune bashing, a serene sunset experience, or a mix of everything, consider it done. We’re here to tailor the perfect desert escapade for you.

The Raptor Difference:

It’s not just about the sand and the SUVs. From the moment you reach out to us until those final desert photos hit your camera roll, we’re focused on friendly service, seamless logistics, and those little details that turn a good adventure into a truly unforgettable one.

Find your thrill with us

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