Most people have a desire to see and explore a desert in their lifetime and some people have it in their bucket list. Exploring desert is one of the most exciting and adventurous trip, everyone should experience at least once. Exploring a desert itself is one the most an audacious activity which is one of

Dubai is known for its scenic deserts, ultra-luxurious designer  hotels, amazing shopping, sky-scrapers, and known for its outdoor adventures. One can have a great experience while traveling to Dubai, this can be upgraded even better by travelling with Raptor Tours and Safaris to experience Dubai adventure tours. We offer 24 X 7 hours’ customer service,

Dubai is usually regarded as an inner-city space, however traveling toward a camel ride in Dubai shapes that opinion. As you ride into the wilderness, the center gives access to a beautiful panorama – a shockingly distinct difference of landscape! Camels are perceived to be capable to move far ways concerning a lengthy period without