Hot-air Ballooning

Enjoy an all new way of seeing the Emirate and the sunrise. Ballooning flights can be taken while the air is cool and the conditions are ideal which rewards the traveler with an breath taking views. Absolute accuracy of trajectory cannot be guaranteed by the pilot but you are sure to have a unreal views in whichever direction the wind takes you.

You’ll have to start very early while the air is cool and conditions are at their most benign (flights are not available mid-summer), but this slow and gentle method is an incredible way to see the emirate and the sunrise. Pilots cannot absolutely guarantee the trajectory of each flight, but you’ll have fantastic views in whichever direction the balloon takes you.

Balloon Adventures Emirates. Balloon Adventures hosts one of the most experienced ballooning teams in the world. Connected with premium safari group Platinum Heritage, they also know exactly where to catch a glimpse of native desert fauna. Unlike many other tour groups, who pick you up at 4 pm, give you coffee and a biscuit, then a balloon ride and a lift back to the hotel, Balloon Adventures packages also include either an overnight stay in the desert, or a gourmet breakfast, falcon show, and a ride over the dunes in a vintage Land Rover.

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